6.0 g 18ct blackened gold

0.90 ct of multi couloured zircons

2 zircons faceted pear shape drops measuring xx ct

Multi coloured gemstones and gold scorpions detachable earrings

  • Zircon is a popular natural gemstone that has been used for over 2000 years. Its brilliance and fire rival those of diamonds. It is available in a variety of pleasing colors. Most natural zircons are yellow, red, or brown. Heating and irradiation can be used to produce colourless, blue, green, and many other colours. It should not be confused with the synthetic cubic zirconium, which is in no way related to zircon.

  • To avoid ruining your zircon jewellery, please remove them before any tanning bed or gel/acrylic nails treatment.

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